Hi Friends, I'm Ruthy;

a friendship forger, community connector and confidence cultivator. My passion is helping women become their best selves alongside other women looking for meaningful authentic friendship. We are better together.  

My husband and I created 2 tiny humans named Parker and Pippa.  These two little girls are the light of my life; and at least once I day they drive me to the brink of insanity and make me want to drink too much wine. 

Chip and Joanna Gaines are my husband and I's doppelgangers.  We're pretty much them.  Minus the HGTV show, target home line, magazine, books, farm life, and extra kids. I guess we just kinda look like them, plus we run a real estate company, The Mosaic Home Group, so you know, we're practically the same. 

TheVillage253 started out of a desperate need for friendship after moving to the City of Tacoma with no friends or family.  When I became a first time mom I was drowning in loneliness and hormones. It started with a simple Instagram post sharing how I felt and that I wanted friends. Three years later, about 2500 other local women feel the same way. The purpose of TheVillage253 is to take online relationships and move them offline to form REAL LIFE friendships. It takes a village, and too many of us are trying to survive life alone.

Have questions about anything? Friendship, loneliness, real estate, life? Please call me: 206.718.3933 or email me: ruthy@thevillage253.